AKs and Lollipops: Inside the Syrian Conflict

In the winter of 2013 I had the privilege of travelling into Syria to see the country for myself. I saw the situation on the ground, was able to speak with rebel fighters and refugees, and I tried to help in any way I could. After 10 months of writing and editing, my experiences and my … Continue reading

Lion Captivity

We Need To Rethink Our Relationship With Animals – Starting With Zoos

It is 2015 and across the country, and indeed across the world, animals are imprisoned for our own viewing pleasure. The happiness and well-being of these magnificent creatures is secondary to our own amusement. We claim to be civilised, but when we treat other living creatures in such a way, we are anything but. Peter … Continue reading

Cameron No.10

The UK General Election’s Red Wedding

The clouds were darker this morning, the sun was less piercing, the shadows of people I passed, and indeed even their faces, were longer. The birds were not singing as sweetly, the air was not as crisp and clear, and the wind seemed particularly cold as it blew against me on my way to work. … Continue reading

Nepal Earthquake

The Situation in Nepal and How You Can Help

On the morning of Saturday April 25th, at approximately midday local time, Nepal was rocked by the largest earthquake the country has seen in over 80 years. The effects of the earthquake could be felt in neighbouring China, India, and Bangladesh, and aftershocks and tremors have been felt ever since. Many Nepalese have spent the last few … Continue reading


Anarchists, It Is Our Duty To Vote In Elections

As election fever reaches its sweaty, unbearable heights in both the UK with the coming General Election, and in the US as Hilary Clinton officially announces her campaign to run for Presidency, we are faced with the age old anarchist dilemma: To vote or not to vote. I do not expect this article to answer … Continue reading


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