Nepal Aid Development

Why Does Nepal Continue To Be Ranked As One Of The World’s Least Developed Countries?

By all accounts Nepal seems to be a country making little-to-no progress. Thomas Bell recently labelled the phenomenon “Nepal’s failed development” in an article posted on Al Jazeera. He cites a number of reasons as to why this is and questions the logic behind continually, and often naively, pumping money into a system which seems … Continue reading

Assad, Iran and Hezbollah

Hezbollah, Assad and Syria’s Uncertain Future

The recent decision from The White House to remove Hezbollah from the terror list, coupled with statements from John Kerry regarding possible future negotiations with Bashar al-Assad, should worry and enrage us all. In the world of geopolitics everything is connected, and nothing occurs in a vacuum. Israel’s recent presidential election, and US negotiations with … Continue reading

Dubai Skyline

What Is Progress?

As defined by the Oxford dictionary, progress is: “development towards an improved or more advanced condition.” Merriam-Webster defines it as: “the process of improving or developing something over a period of time” or, more concisely, “gradual betterment.” As is the case with attempting to understand any word or phrase, we are confined by the boundaries … Continue reading

Woodrow Wilson 2

A Century On and Nothing Has Changed

To continue a theme of uploading dated passages of texts with modern usages, here is an absolute gem from Woodrow Wilson in 1912. Spoken on the campaign trail over a century ago, these words are, unfortunately, as relevant now as they were then. “Politics in America is in a case which sadly requires attention. The … Continue reading

Natalie Bennett

Despite Natalie Bennett’s Fumbling, The Money Is Available

Following Natalie Bennett’s car crash interview last month, I have decided to compile a list of get out clauses (for want of a better phrase) that she, or any member of the Green party, can freely use when backed into a corner on the issue of funding policies. Bennett’s cringeworthy interview was one of the … Continue reading


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