Natalie Bennett

Despite Natalie Bennett’s Fumbling, The Money Is Available

Following Natalie Bennett’s car crash interview last month, I have decided to compile a list of get out clauses (for want of a better phrase) that she, or any member of the Green party, can freely use when backed into a corner on the issue of funding policies. Bennett’s cringeworthy interview was one of the … Continue reading

Dead Aid

Why Dambisa Moyo Is Wrong To Say Aid Is Dead, And Why Her Alternatives Are Troubling

In her widely acclaimed book Dead Aid, Dambisa Moyo argues, as the title suggests, that aid is not working for the state of Africa, proclaiming instead that there is “another way” for the continent. The first third of Dead Aid is spent giving the argument, stating that aid to the poverty-stricken continent has not worked, and … Continue reading


Dambisa Moyo On Why The Fight Against Poverty Is Also The Fight Against Terrorism

Before Boko Haram were making global headlines for their criminal activities, murderous rampages, and pension for kidnap, there was little news of them in the West. The potential for such organisations to be formed, and such activities to be performed, has always existed though. Where weak infrastructure and institutions are present, where corruption is rampant, … Continue reading


Do What You Can For The Life You Can Save

It was in February 2014 that I first heard about Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save, and I have not looked back since. I was, unfortunately, stuck at home living with my family in South Wales, in a similar position to many university graduates; hunting for a job, lacking any money, and with no … Continue reading

Anti-Valentines Day

There Is More To Love Than Spending Money On A Specific Date In February

For those in love, it is one of the most important dates in the calendar, but for those who are not so lucky, it can be a sad, lonely, and downright miserable day. Valentines can be tough, and I feel your pain singletons. You and I are in the same boat. You know the one … Continue reading


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