From The Start

This poem was written whilst I was participating in European Voluntary Service (EVS) in Turkey.
During our Mid Term Evaluation in January 2013, we were given the task to create a collage, a picture or drawing of what our expectations were when we started our EVS programme. I am not the most creative of people, I am not arty at all. So instead I chose to write a poem. I am better with words than I am with drawings.

From the start I did not choose,
Turkey? Why not, I had nothing to lose,
I’d go abroad and do my bit,
Teach, help and learn some shit,
Meet new people, make some mates,
Improving on my negative traits,
My expectations were very few,
It was a new chapter, just something new,
I honestly didn’t know what to think,
Would I become Muslim? Would I like it? Would I be allowed to drink?
Of my project I wasn’t all that concerned,
I was more worried about my skin getting burnt,
The lotion, the shades, the flip-flops were packed,
The T-shirts were folded and then neatly stacked,
I knew not what to think and because of this thought,
Nothing disappointed, nothing fell short,
There was one thing that was not quite spot on,
Its the work that we did and the work that was done,
“I feel like a tourist, not a volunteer”,
Is a common saying that my friends would hear,
Talking on Facebook and talking online,
Its how I seemed to spend most of my time,
This opportunity I am very grateful for,
Its another new chapter, another open door,
I don’t know where I’ll go, I don’t know what I’ll do,
When my time in Turkey is finally through,
Back to Wales? Back to the UK?
More volunteering? Who knows, who can say,
I feel kind of funny, I feel kind of strange,
I don’t believe that I have made a big change,
From the start I did not choose,
I’m floating about, I’ve got nothing to lose.


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