Another Incentive To Ink

It has been over 14 months since my last tattoo, and this is now the longest dry-spell I have had since I first started getting them. Admittedly I have been rather short on money recently but as well as my desire, I now have another reason to get some more artwork.

The Cambridge Clinic connected with me via Twitter the other day, and they have very kindly sent me a free sample of their product, Fade The Itch. As you may have guessed it is aftercare treatment for new tattoos and I plan to make the most of this sample by applying it to my next piece of ink.

I shant go into too much detail about the product here as I am planning on writing a review once  I have had the chance to use it. Fade The Itch has given me even more of a reason to book myself in for a session at the studio.

As I imagine is the case with most tattoo enthusiasts, I have a number of ideas floating around in my head and scrawled on pieces of scrap paper. The design I am most likely to get is a 5.5cm by 1.5cm piece of lettering to go on my right hand. This should provide me with the perfect opportunity to test The Cambridge Clinic‘s product.

For aftercare I normally just use Bepanthen, the nappy-rash cream, but seeing as I have this sample and seeing as Fade The Itch claims to be “simply the best”, I am more than willing to give it a go. Straight away I see that it has a few advantages over Bepanthen. Firstly the container that Fade The Itch comes in is a handy little push-head dispenser, so there is no more toothpaste tube-style squeezing. And secondly the serum is not as thick and greasy as Bepanthen, it is in fact quite clean and light.

I am looking forward to seeing what sort of results it brings, but for the time being it shall just have to sit on the shelf.


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