Melancholic Tranquility

The following is a poem written by Martine Vipond. 
She is my mother, and these are her words:

I came across a quiet place,
Of perfect peace and endless space,
Where earth met sky with open arms,
And I was sold its wondrous charms.
Its heavy scent infused my head,
And whispered voices gently said,
“Come sit a while, relax your mind,
And tell me what you wish to find”.
I sat and pondered over this request,
My body now calm, my mind at rest,
Where to begin, which words to say,
Upon this quite remarkable day.
Where to start, what to say,
When was it when I lost my way,
I’d been engulfed in shadows creeping,
Dark and silent whilst I lay sleeping,
Where once the light of morning shone,
Familiar, safe routine now gone.
Of structured days and time well spent,
I no longer knew of what they meant.
Night was day and day was night,
With no escape or end in sight,
An empty void, a silent scream,
An endless nothing in between.
I sought shelter in my cave like bed,
From the storm raging in my head,
But little comfort did I find,
A dark thick fog engulfed my mind.
The storm raged on, I felt its power,
As I lay trapped in my ivory tower,
Waiting… waiting to be free,
For some passer by to rescue me.
Time continued on its course,
Fast then slow, but no remorse
Was given as it journeyed on,
Relentless in its endless song.
Muffled words, visions and dreams,
Faces in shadows, plans and schemes,
Attempting to find and rescue me,
Hopelessly lost, just let me be.
Then I came across a quiet place,
Of perfect peace and endless space,
Where I could go and feel revived,
And truly learn to be alive.
However dark my days were now,
I could escape, I now knew how,
To rest my body and calm my mind,
And marvel at this wondrous find.


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