Titan Bet – The Best Job in the World

With 16 days left until the end of the application process I thought I would throw up my entry for a little bit more exposure.

My good friend Jeff told me about this wonderful opportunity that Titan Bet were offering. An opportunity they called “the Best Job in the World“, and they are not far wrong.

Dubbed “every football fan’s dream experience” the successful applicant will get the chance to travel to Brazil, and blog, tweet and photograph all the action at the 2014 World Cup.

Airfare will be paid for, as will accommodation, and a months wages of £4000. As well as that, the successful applicant will also get to experience the Brazilian culture and be given various “goodies”, which have not yet been specified.

It truly is an unbelievable opportunity, and would no doubt kick start someone’s career in sports, or football,  journalism.

As you can imagine, I would jump at the chance to go to Brazil and cover the World Cup tournament.

The process to pick the winning applicant seems to take into account not only the number of views the applicants video gets, but also the applicants qualifications and role suitability, as well as the presentation and entertainment value of the video. All videos are limited to 60 seconds in length.

With all that said, here is my baby:

As you can see I chose to focus my video on three main areas; these being my experience of travelling, my passion for writing and my portfolio of published work, and my love of football.

It is not a particularly earth-shattering video, not one that is likely to live long in the memory, but I am hoping that it has proven that I have what it takes to do the job advertised.

If all goes well, I will be in Brazil just in time to see the opening ceremony of the tournament. Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Andrea Pirlo, Neymar, Lionel Messi and Xavi. Sharing drinks, stories and anecdotes with fans and media personnel. Photographing and documenting the adventure of a lifetime, and seeing the inevitable crumbling of the England football team at an international tournament.

The Best Job in the World needs the best man in the world to do it, unfortunately Sweden won’t be at the World Cup, so Zlatan wont be present, but in his absence I am sure I will do him proud.

Here’s to you Zlatan.

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