An Open Letter to Purna Sen

Purna Sen is a Labour candidate for the 2015 General Election. She is going to be challenging Caroline Lucas for the Brighton Pavilion seat. A few days ago a Labour News leaflet was brought to my attention. On the back it stated: “Tell Purna your views and comments”. So I did.

“Dear Purna,

As instructed by the recent leaflet entitled Labour News, I am writing to tell you my views and comments. The space provided on the leaflet was insufficient so I am using the good old-fashioned, and ever-reliable pad of paper.

I should make clear here that I am not going to vote for you in the 2015 General Election, and I have no intention of voting for the Labour party in the foreseeable future.

You seem like an honest and inspiring person, and I am very pleased to hear about your dedication to tackle injustice and inequality, as well as climate change. All are issues that I strive to correct within my own life, as much as possible. Your work with Amnesty is particularly admirable as they are an organisation I respect greatly, doing fantastic things around the globe.

You are correct to say that a Conservative government will “continue to attack our human rights, to cut vital services, fail to address poverty and force more poor and disabled people to pay the unfair bedroom tax while millionaires get a tax cut”. These statements I believe to be true, but your next statement that “only a Labour government can stop these things happening” is false.

Whilst the Tories and the abhorrent right-wing lunatics UKIP do plan on dismantling many institutions, cutting funding to many services, and attempting to take us back to the Victorian era, the Left is popular enough, and strong enough to prevent this.
The Left encompasses more than simply the Labour party, and being a resident of Brighton I am sure you are aware of this.

In Caroline Lucas Brighton has one of the most honest, courageous, admirable and respected politicians in the UK. With trust in MP’s at an all time low, Caroline Lucas is practically a saint. There is not a single issue where you are more closely positioned to justice and equality than she is.

As a fresh face on the scene you are against a political and moral titan. Despite what your leaflet may say about “most bookies putting the challenger in the lead”, the Green party are favourites to win. I actually checked the betting odds on the outcome of Brighton Pavilion and every single site had Caroline Lucas as the victor.

Though your stance on issues is good, Caroline’s is better. Though your party is decent, the Greens are better. And though the UK under labour may be okay, the UK under the Greens would be better.

I do not say any of this because I am a Green voter, or a Green party member. In fact I am an Anarchist and I believe that the entire system is dirty and tainted. Amongst the waste that filters through the House of Parliament, Caroline Lucas shines like a diamond.

You talk about campaigning to get help for foodbanks, but in actual fact what you should be campaigning for is the abolition of all foodbanks. Their mere existence shows the depths poverty has sunk to in this country. Accepting them as part of society is accepting that that’s the way it should be, and that they belong.

If Labour are to win the next General Election, they should see in Caroline Lucas a left wing ally. She should immediately be invited into the Cabinet, and rather than attack the Green party, Labour should work with it. The time, money, and energy put into this fight for Brighton Pavilion is a waste. If, as you declare, the Tories are the enemy, why not put the resources into fighting them?

I mentioned earlier that I would not vote for the Labour party, and the reason for this is because in your midst you harbour a war criminal. The man that led your party, led this country, and was responsible for millions of deaths in the Middle East should be in jail right now. It is impossible for you to speak of justice when you keep company with such a man. Tony Blair does not belong on the streets of the UK, let alone at official ceremonies and events.

For the numerous reasons outlined above, I will not be voting Labour. The Labour party has been shifting to the right for years and the gap that is left behind is being filled by parties like the Greens and the SNP.
The immediate future of the UK may lie with Labour, but the long-term future does not. Labour’s power is waning and in the coming decades it will continue to decline.

I do not want the next generations to live in a world of war criminals, nuclear weapons, and tuition fees, of austerity, food banks, and privatisation. The people deserve better than that. And in Caroline Lucas, the people have better.



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6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Purna Sen

  1. Particularly liked your comment about food banks. They are an utter disgrace and as you say, we should be campaigning to ensure they are not needed.

  2. “I mentioned earlier that I would not vote for the Labour party, and the reason for this is because in your midst you harbour a war criminal.” Funny that, Brighton & Hove Greens have just selected Jack Hazelgrove, a Labour Party member until 2007 as a candidates for H & S ward. So I guess the Green Party and St Caroline can field war criminals when it suits them.

    1. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think Jack Hazelgrove, whoever that may be, was responsible for leading the UK into an illegal invasion of Iraq which resulted in the deaths of millions of innocent people.
      Not sure he was the one that tagged along with the USA and passed off lies and misinformation as the truth.

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