2014: A Broken Britain

Society heads to ruin, and those that lead us there,
Take us forth on promises of making things more fair,
Our benefits cut, our bedrooms taxed, we’re squeezed for every coin,
Ever since Clegg’s yellow and Cameron’s blue did join,
The rich are getting richer, at the expense of the poor,
They may use the front, but we’re shown the back door,
UKIP is persistent, it’s the foreigner we must fear,
Despite the twenty billion pounds they’ve added living here,
Tuition fees have trebled, who cares for smarter kids,
Attempting to better yourself is something Dave forbids,
The NHS needs funding, but apparently there’s no gold,
Except for hiring limousines to travel up the road,
The amount of homeless people sleeping rough at night,
Has grown tremendously since the cuts began to bite,
So too has the amount of kids in poverty,
Both of these a product of austerity policy,
As energy prices rise, we’re told the answers fracking,
Dangerous drilling near your homes, despite no public backing,
The Scots have lost their chance to leave this tragic mess,
Their freedom I had hoped for, of this I must confess,
A chance to leave the grasp of wicked Dave and Nick,
And yet they voted “No”, I think they’ve missed a trick,
The food banks grow in number to help all those in need,
Some people can’t afford to eat because of others greed,
Our faithful friend the badger is murdered for no reason,
Scientific evidence? Who cares, it’s culling season,
It’s hard for many workers to stay calm and relax,
There’s no guarantee of work on zero hour contracts,
The financial crisis hit us all, of this there is no doubt,
But the bankers that had caused it are free to roam about,
No money for the councils, no money for youth groups,
But no shortage of funding for replacing all our nukes,
Society heads to ruin, and those that lead us there,
Can laugh and smile, and pose and wave, but it’s clear they do not care.



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