To Be A True Democrat, You Must Be An Anarchist

To be a true democrat, and to genuinely believe in the power of democracy, is to be an Anarchist.

Contrary to what you may have heard, Anarchy is not chaos and disorder.

If you are imagining a world at war, where people stab one another in the back in order to get ahead, where huge swathes of the population suffer and struggle, where the Earth and all its creatures are abused, where corruption is rampant, where the biggest bullies and the best liars are rewarded with the most, and where minorities are excluded and prejudice thrives, you are thinking of capitalism, not Anarchy.

Anarchy is true democracy.

In Anarchy, there are no rulers, but there are rules. There are no politicians, but there are politics. There are no representatives, but there are represented.

Anarchy is the greatest liberational force on this planet and the danger it poses to the status quo, the System, and the elites, means that it will never be promoted as the cure that it so obviously is.

If society was walking the path towards democracy at one point in time, that route has now been blockaded.

The situation that we find ourselves in is existing within a system that contains just enough democracy to pacify, but never enough democracy to liberate.

Those in positions of authority have decided that too much democracy is a bad thing. Too much autonomy and power in the hands of the people would devastate the system that they are trying so hard to preserve.

Trust in politicians and support for the System continues to decline election after election. Many attribute this to apathy and to distraction, but how much of this phenomenon I wonder, is because people see the system for what it is.

We are told that we are free. We are told that we live in a democracy. But there is only so long you can be convinced by coercion and propaganda.

If we look beyond the label it becomes clear that what we have is not what we are being promised.

We are continually sold a lie, constantly being handed a product that is not what we ordered.

Why do we continue to put up with, and at times even defend, a system that perpetuates poverty, racism, inequality, and war? Why do we willingly cede all our power to someone who has no interest in our lives and no intention of making them better?

Religion talks of the dangers of worshipping false idols, but here we are with our celebrity adoration, our (un)representative leaders, and our anti-democratic Lords and Royals. Rather than knocking the from the pedestals that have been forged with our time, money, and labour, we hang on their every word and grovel in thanks at the scraps that they throw to us.

What does it take for the connections between the dots to come in to focus?

You are forced to go to a food bank because of their end of year bonuses. You are deprived of the welfare you are entitled to because of their luxury yachts. You are forced to work two jobs, 60 hours a week, because they want a third holiday home. You are indebted because they want to add to their fleet of supercars.

And then rather than becoming enraged, we become exhausted.

We have no time to think critically, we have no energy to act defiantly.

All we can do is exist. Exist for the brief moments of enjoyment where we are able to escape this system and its chains.

Despite this being a “democracy”, I was not asked about bombing Syria, or cutting welfare, or renewing Trident.

I was not asked my opinions on the refugee crisis, the housing crisis, or the financial crisis.

Nobody consulted me on lowering the top rate of tax, or trebling university tuition fees, or culling badgers.

It is almost as if in this “democracy” the power lies elsewhere and decisions are made regardless of what the public think.

It’s almost as if this system of running a country is designed to enslave the people rather than empower them.


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