Paddy Vipond

Paddy Vipond is a BA Hons graduate of the University of Brighton with a degree in War, Conflict and Modernity. He is an activist and international volunteer with experience in Turkey (2012 -13), Syria (2013), and Nepal (2017). During his six-month volunteer placement in Turkey he established Do What You Can, a small aid giving project for displaced Syrians and refugees. This initiative earned him praise from local newspapers and was the reason he was invited to speak outside Downing Street. His brief time in Syria inspired him to write his first book, which was published in May 2015 titled: AKs and Lollipops: Inside the Syria Conflict. 100% of the proceeds that he receives from sales will be donated to charities dealing with the Syrian crisis.

Paddy writes articles for numerous publications, across a broad range of topics, and has been featured in The Guardian, Psychology Today, Center for a Stateless Society, Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine, Inked Magazine, These Football Times, Class Action, a number of local newspapers, and many more. As well as writing and studying, he also works as a Fundraising Officer in the non-profit sector for Renewable World, an international development charity whose aim is to alleviate poverty in developing countries through the installation of community owned renewable energy systems. Among other things, Paddy has aided with the internal strategy process for the charity, helped to establish the Ethics and Sustainability Committee, and has raised over £400,000 in three-years.

When not working for Renewable World, Paddy remains active on local, national, and international issues and enjoys reading, writing, travelling, and watching films/documentaries when the time allows. Never satisfied or content, he recently enrolled on an Effective Altruism course with Princeton University, and inspired by this topic, he then established The Lives We Will Save recruiting friends and work colleagues to the Effective Altruist movement.

His frustration at the state of the world is matched only by his desire to change it.

Do What You Can

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