Trouble and Squeak

Trouble and Squeak has grown out of the frantic scribbling of notions and ramblings from an inquisitive and cynical global citizen. What is written here is as much for my own benefit (selfish I know) as it is for visitors to the site. I find that getting your thoughts down on paper, or in this case on screen, helps you to be coherent in your approach to life. On the site you will find beliefs, thoughts and opinions on a wide variety of topics. Three of the most common topics I choose to write about are politics, football and tattoos. Quite obviously, what I write here are my own beliefs. I am not an expert, and I still have much to learn, as I am sure we all do.

My political ramblings can cause controversy, are at times polarising, but are always thought-provoking. I have been criticised and attacked by a number of people who oppose my views, including white pride members, conservatives, farmers, and libertarians. The “left market anarchist think tank and media centre” C4SS hosts some of my work on their site, kindly showcasing some of my thoughts on anarchy and the state. A portion of this work has also been translated into Portuguese for distribution in Brazil. I have also been featured on the Class Action site which highlights the issue of classism within our society. An open letter I wrote to the Brighton Labour candidate for the General Election received great attention, and resulted in Green MP Caroline Lucas personally thanking me for my words. As well as this Atheist Alliance‘s quarterly Secular World published an analysis piece that I did looking at the relationship between religion and a society’s progress.

Thanks to decades of following the sport like a religion, I have a vast wealth of football knowledge and opinion. After spending some time writing for the site Proven Quality, I was chosen as a football blogger for TitanBet at the 2014 World Cup. Following very positive reviews I began to submit articles to them on a weekly basis. Before a ball was kicked I correctly predicted that England would fail to get through the group stages of the World Cup; I also predicted that Liverpool would challenge for the 2013/14 Premier League title, even though at the time they were outside of the top four; and weeks before other media outlets I correctly predicted that David Moyes would get sacked from Manchester United. The Guardian were admirers of my work and republished a piece that I wrote about Manuel Neuer’s sweeper keeper antics. This article is now used as a reference on the German keeper’s Wikipedia page. Bleacherreport have also been known to be fans of my work on football, referencing me in their own articles on their site.

Liking tattoos and liking to write, it made perfect sense to combine the two. Luckily my thoughts, research, and interviews were well received by the editor of the UK’s best selling tattoo magazine Skin Deep, and I now submit articles to the publication on a fairly regular basis. Vyvyn Lazonga is the stand out name from the list of people who have been kind enough to indulge my appetite for information. I have also contributed articles to the US publication Inked Magazine.

When I have the time, and the desire, I also choose to write on other topics. To name but a few, an article I wrote on the mental health issue of BPD was picked up by Psychology Today and Time To Change and were very well received by their audiences. Craft&Design magazine published an article I wrote on a South Wales glass artist, and Brighton Visitor have hosted some of my work reviewing events in the city of Brighton, at one such event I had the pleasure of interviewing rapper Immortal Technique.

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