The Levant War: 2011 – ?

The Syrian revolution now has to be seen as part of a wider conflict in the region. There is no use just talking about the revolution and the subsequent outbreak of civil war, and then viewing the Turkish-Kurdish war as a separate event, as well as the international effort against ISIS as something different again. All of them are interlinked and overlap.

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Ankara – The Travel Trail

Ask most people what the capital of Turkey is and many would respond by saying Istanbul. Though this is incorrect, they can be forgiven for thinking that because that is where the greatest tourist attractions are. It is also the largest city in Turkey, famously connecting Europe to Asia.

The actual capital of Turkey is the city of Ankara, located in Central Anatolia. I spent six months of my life living there whilst participating on a European Voluntary Scheme and I have to say that it doesn’t surprise me that it is listed as 9th on Trip Advisor’s top Turkish destinations.

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