If you wish to contact me for any reason then you can do so by the following methods.
Advice, comments, and constructive criticism are always welcome.

Email: paddy.vipond (at)
LinkedIn: Paddy Vipond
Twitter: @PaddyVipond

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. did you write the story on bpd?Ive been in a relationship with someone who has this for 17yrs im at my witts end…..

  2. Hey. You’ve probably had quite a lot of response to this already, but a few months ago (probably longer than that) I read you article about your girlfriend with BPD. It has stuck with me ever since, as it is so comforting to know that not everybody attaches a huge amount of stigma to the disorder. Your compassion and understanding are so lovely. As somebody who suffers from BPD and is actively seeking help, it helps to read posts such as yours which remind me that I am not automatically going to be looked upon negatively for my mental health problems. Your levels of empathy are something many people could only ever hope to aim for. Thank you.

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