Anarchism to Zionism – B

Second in the series of these poems.
Following on from the A poem I wrote earlier.

Banks are going belly up as boom becomes bust, but bonuses for Barclays bosses are bigger than before. Business beats babies because benefit payments brutalise billionaires bank balances. Bully boy blues, hell bent on bloodshed, break bones of brotestors with hard black batons. My brothers become bruised and beaten in Brighton. The bigotted BNP begin to believe, a beleaguered Britain is brilliant for their bullshit. Bikini clad Playboy bunnies giving blowjobs in the backs of blacked out BM’s. Beyonce’s backside interests billions of boys, but bombs blowing up babies bring about nothing but boredom. Binman strike, Bedroom Tax, both because of budgetting. Boobs and Bulemia. Beer and anti-social behaviour. Blu-Ray and BPD. Burqas and beheadings. Bush and Blair still not brought before a barrister. No Justice. The biased BBC broadcasts Royal baby bollocks, whilst Big Ben bellows above a Broken Britain.

The plan is to write a series of these, 26 in total, 1 for each letter of the alphabet.
Hence the name, Anarchism to Zionism. A to Z.


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