Reactionary Labour: An Obstacle to Democracy

A few weeks ago I wrote an open letter to the Labour candidate for Brighton Pavilion, a woman named Purna Sen. It received quite a lot of attention from Green councillors and supporters and gave rise to a response from a Brighton-based Labour member Neil Schofield. As the Labour and co-op candidate for Preston Park, Schofield felt that a Labour voice was needed.

I was grateful for his response, and now that I have an hour or two, I would like to return to our correspondence.  I should thank him for the time he took to draft a reply, and also for praising my writing, describing my letter to Purna Sen as an “eloquent piece”. Unfortunately for Schofield, his words have done nothing to change my mind on the matter. I am still firmly of the opinion that Caroline Lucas, and indeed the Green party in general, are the future of Brighton, and perhaps even the UK. The following, is why.

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An Open Letter to Purna Sen

Purna Sen is a Labour candidate for the 2015 General Election. She is going to be challenging Caroline Lucas for the Brighton Pavilion seat. A few days ago a Labour News leaflet was brought to my attention. On the back it stated: “Tell Purna your views and comments”. So I did.

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