Brighton and Hove’s Consumer Habits Regarding The Sun

As of the 14th November, 2016, the survey on The Sun has had 114 respondents.

The responses are listed below:

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Keep Your Zipwire And Your i360 – We Need Homes

From need grows want, from want grows desire, and from desire grows greed.

It is this final stage which now holds hostage the ambitions and policies of decision makers.

In our “civilised society” we cater not for what is needed, but rather what greed encourages us to chase. Implementing changes and enacting policies which are for the benefit of the few rather than to support the basic needs of the many.

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Brighton Faces New Wave of Protest

As is so often the case in times of dissatisfaction, the student movement appears to be leading the way. With the betrayal of the Lib Dem’s free education promise still in the minds of young voters, and having faced a tripling of university tuition fees under the Coalition government, students are at the forefront of anti-government protest.

In November as many as 10,000 students descended on London to demand the right to free education for all, no matter their class, race, or financial situation, and an end to austerity. This protest was not supported by the National Union of Students (NUS) who cited safety fears as the reason they were not alongside the people they were supposed to be representing. The decision not to support the protest shows that the NUS are out of touch with the wishes of students across the country.

Though the NUS distance themselves from this new wave of protests, the tide appears to be turning against their authority. Following on from the protest in London, marches and demonstrations have occurred throughout the country without the need for NUS support. It seems that the students have woken up to the fact that if they want something done, they need to do it themselves.

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Reactionary Labour: An Obstacle to Democracy

A few weeks ago I wrote an open letter to the Labour candidate for Brighton Pavilion, a woman named Purna Sen. It received quite a lot of attention from Green councillors and supporters and gave rise to a response from a Brighton-based Labour member Neil Schofield. As the Labour and co-op candidate for Preston Park, Schofield felt that a Labour voice was needed.

I was grateful for his response, and now that I have an hour or two, I would like to return to our correspondence.  I should thank him for the time he took to draft a reply, and also for praising my writing, describing my letter to Purna Sen as an “eloquent piece”. Unfortunately for Schofield, his words have done nothing to change my mind on the matter. I am still firmly of the opinion that Caroline Lucas, and indeed the Green party in general, are the future of Brighton, and perhaps even the UK. The following, is why.

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An Open Letter to Purna Sen

Purna Sen is a Labour candidate for the 2015 General Election. She is going to be challenging Caroline Lucas for the Brighton Pavilion seat. A few days ago a Labour News leaflet was brought to my attention. On the back it stated: “Tell Purna your views and comments”. So I did.

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