Tattoos Are For Life, Not Just For Christmas

We live in an environment whereby we are encouraged to be constantly updating our own lives. Standing still is falling behind in the fast paced world of the twenty-first century. It is uncommon to wear a football top from more than a few seasons ago, it is unusual to drive the same car for ten years, and it is unheard of to have the same mobile phone for a decade. I wonder whether these attitudes in part have a role to play on the issue and perception of tattoos.

Advances in laser treatment aside, a tattoo is by and large a permanent fixture upon the skin of the person who gets it. Though it may fade, it may morph with the changing of your skin, and it may become damaged, the tattoo is likely to be the longest lasting item you will have ever purchased.

I believe that we live in a throw away society, and this mentality may be a factor in why tattoos are still so frowned upon by certain people.

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A UK Recovery The Government Should Be Ashamed Of

I have spoken previously on this site about the power of words. About how the phrasing of certain questions impacts on what we think, how we view others and what we believe. Noam Chomsky is a master of linguistics and often he warns us of the power, and danger, in the language we hear and use. This language should be apparent and obvious to us all but we have become so use to hearing it that we pay no real attention. We don’t question it, and by simply accepting the use of that language, we are therefore accepting the message the language carries.

The most obvious example, and one many people would have heard in the last decade or so, would be that of terrorist and freedom fighter. The label of terrorist automatically positions that person in the negative. They are immediately seen as bad. However, if the term freedom fighter was used then people would be more sympathetic to the plight of this individual. Look at the following fake news line I just invented, “A well-known South African terrorist is behind bars tonight after police arrested him at his home”. By replacing the word terrorist, for freedom fighter, the significance and position of the entire story shifts dramatically. “A well-known South African freedom fighter is behind bars tonight after police arrested him at his home”.

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