Jose Saramago and The True Nature of God

A week or so ago I finished the heretical genius that is Jose Saramago’s The Gospel According to Jesus Christ. Saramago’s unique style of writing and wonderful narration meant that it instantly stood out from many of the other books I have read. It is unsurprising that the book attracted great controversy, with its alternative portrayal of Jesus’ life it was never going to be a church favourite.

As the book progresses the reader begins to see not the loving, kind and caring God that is so often presented and portrayed, but a God who is arrogant, selfish and egotistical. The word of God, the acts of God, and every human invention that we have attributed to him have in fact been incorrect. The message that Saramago tells us is that if God were to exist, and he doesn’t, but if he were, then he would not be the God that we think of today.

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The 9 People That Made My 2013

This list of people is not reserved for those that only came to prominence this year. There are some on this list who’s work dates back many years. Their place here is because it was in the last twelve months that I rediscovered their genius. The times where old gems are uncovered are just as important as the times when new gems emerge.
I was tempted to write a list of people that killed 2013, those that really made me question the humanity in the world. I decided not to do this because firstly I did not want to give those deplorable people any more publicity than they already have, and secondly because I do not want to focus on the negatives, it is better to look at the positive people, the people that are doing great things and working for change. The following are the people that have inspired me the most this year. So without any further ado, here are the people that made my 2013.

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