Coffin Bearers Needed – Saturday April 16th, Brighton

KC. Bill. Caroline. Gareth. Simon.

These are the names of just five of the citizens that Brighton and Hove have lost in the recent months.

They had been calling the streets and the shop doorways their homes, but like more than 50 other homeless people in the last three years, they have been killed by the neglect of the local council and central government.

In an interview with The Argus in January of this year, Dr Tim Worthley, who works from the Brighton Homeless Healthcare centre in Morley Street, said that a “perfect storm” of cuts and rising living costs will claim even more lives.

At present, one homeless person is dying every two weeks in Brighton and Hove. These are deaths that are entirely preventable, but are continuing to occur.

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Keep Your Zipwire And Your i360 – We Need Homes

From need grows want, from want grows desire, and from desire grows greed.

It is this final stage which now holds hostage the ambitions and policies of decision makers.

In our “civilised society” we cater not for what is needed, but rather what greed encourages us to chase. Implementing changes and enacting policies which are for the benefit of the few rather than to support the basic needs of the many.

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Labour and Green Unite to End Homelessness in Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove City Council have today unveiled ambitious plans to tackle homelessness in the area by housing residents in vacant buildings.

Speaking at a press conference earlier today, Danielle Stewart, the leader of the Labour councillors, announced that a deal had been struck with the Greens that would see a united effort to combat the issue of homelessness in Brighton and Hove.

“Both the Labour councillors and the Green councillors have agreed to urgent action to put an end to homelessness in Brighton and Hove”, she said. “By working together, we will ensure that every one of the local residents has a roof over their head at night.”

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A UK Recovery The Government Should Be Ashamed Of

I have spoken previously on this site about the power of words. About how the phrasing of certain questions impacts on what we think, how we view others and what we believe. Noam Chomsky is a master of linguistics and often he warns us of the power, and danger, in the language we hear and use. This language should be apparent and obvious to us all but we have become so use to hearing it that we pay no real attention. We don’t question it, and by simply accepting the use of that language, we are therefore accepting the message the language carries.

The most obvious example, and one many people would have heard in the last decade or so, would be that of terrorist and freedom fighter. The label of terrorist automatically positions that person in the negative. They are immediately seen as bad. However, if the term freedom fighter was used then people would be more sympathetic to the plight of this individual. Look at the following fake news line I just invented, “A well-known South African terrorist is behind bars tonight after police arrested him at his home”. By replacing the word terrorist, for freedom fighter, the significance and position of the entire story shifts dramatically. “A well-known South African freedom fighter is behind bars tonight after police arrested him at his home”.

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Leave The House

It was Thomas Hobbes, in his book Leviathan, that declared without a state man is in a constant climate of struggle and fight. He called this the “state of nature” whereby it is a “war of all against all”. He makes a compelling argument for the coming together of all peoples, and the creation of a civil society and state. This society, and this state, was intended to protect men from a life that was otherwise “nasty, short and brutish”.

People were persuaded, coerced and sometimes forced to become members of the state because it was in their own interests. Who would want to face a life out in the wilderness, struggling to make ends meet? Under constant threat, with very little security? It seemed like an obvious decision to make. Lets step inside this “state”, lets live under its roof and lets prosper, together, as a society.

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