Brighton and Hove’s Consumer Habits Regarding The Sun

As of the 14th November, 2016, the survey on The Sun has had 114 respondents.

The responses are listed below:

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Keep Your Zipwire And Your i360 – We Need Homes

From need grows want, from want grows desire, and from desire grows greed.

It is this final stage which now holds hostage the ambitions and policies of decision makers.

In our “civilised society” we cater not for what is needed, but rather what greed encourages us to chase. Implementing changes and enacting policies which are for the benefit of the few rather than to support the basic needs of the many.

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Brighton and Hove Against Austerity

Brighton, forever the hotbed of activity, has a way of sweeping you up in some sort of action. And this is precisely what happened to me today.

Returning from a stroll into town where I was picking up some more pads of paper, I was greeted by a throng of people marching, whistling and calling. Of course, today was strike day, and Brighton and Hove were out in force.

I stopped and watched as the procession walked past, smiling and nodding approvingly, and was all set to head home, when the feeling struck me to just join in. So I did.

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