Don’t Wait To Start Your Life

I don’t tend to write much about myself on here, despite the fact it is meant to be a personal blog. I use this as more of an online portfolio, and the chance to practice piecing together articles, and improving on the journalism skills I am gaining.

Going to buck the trend here a little, and make this slightly more personal. The writing has taken a back seat as of late, so this will not only fill the void a little, but also explain why said void has appeared.

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The Winter of Discontent

The following is an interview conducted via email over the space of a few weeks.
I was contacted by Tom as he looked to gather information from people who participated in the student protests of 2010/2011. I was active in the protest movement at that time and gladly answered the questions he sent my way.

After the Winter of Discontent
An Oral History of the Brighton Student Protests of 2010

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Buzz Off: A Follow Up

I love finding out that something I have written has been justified by human action in the real world. This was precisely the case I found myself in this weekend. It is comforting to know I am not the only one who thinks a certain way.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article entitled “Buzz Off: The Problem With British Gas’ Hive“. After ranting about this latest idiotic initiative I ended the article with the following paragraph:

“The only way that I can see Hive saving people money is if you have it installed and you leave the house empty, forgetting to turn the heating off. Then you are able to turn it off using the app on your phone. Hive costs £199 to buy and have installed but for a fraction of that price I could sell you a wonderfully designed post-it with the words “TURN THE HEATING OFF”. You can stick this to the inside of your front door and save yourself a ton a money on your energy bills. And I don’t even need an awful advert and terrible song to sell it to you”

The last few days I have spent in London, with a very good friend of mine who I had not seen in a long time. Whilst in London we visited some his friends and had a couple of drinks around one of their houses. I was overjoyed to find the following on the back of his friends front door.

2014-03-07 21.20.19
Made me smile. Wonderful.


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