Tough Times for Rodgers: Questions That Need Answering & Problems That Need to be Addressed

What began as a poor start to the season, is now rapidly becoming a crisis. These were the words of my uncle following Liverpool’s defeat today against Crystal Palace.

It’s a sign of the times that I am not terribly surprised by the fact Liverpool have just lost. Despite the fact Palace were in the relegation zone, and despite the fact Palace had not won any of their last 5 games.

I like Brendan Rodgers, I think he can be a good manager and has a lot of potential, but he seems insistent on ignoring the lessons from the past.

Time and time again Rodgers is making the same mistake, and doing nothing about it. If Liverpool were getting beaten, but they were experimenting with things, then I wouldn’t mind as much, but they are not. As the famous phrase goes insanity is “repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

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An Ode To Those Who Will Never Read It

The nameless numbers, who no longer count,
The rivers of Eden, among times of drought,
The loved and the lost, the Queens for a day,
The weeks of connection, the hours of play,
Mistakes have been made in the past, and by me,
And now that I’m blind I finally see,
That the actions I take and the words that I say,
Impact on many, in a number of ways,
This is less about you and more about me,
My regret at not just leaving things be,
For I am the one to blame for all this,
I am the one that drains life from the kiss,
The pain that I’ve caused, the pain you recall,
Would never have happened, were it not for a fall,
A fall so hard and a fall so fast,
Giving illusions that this one will last,
The bridges are ashes, it’s too late for talk,
I’ve paved the way for the road I must walk,
Alone I must go, and alone I must stay,
The hurt and the pain will not find you this way,
They come and they go, and I think nothing more,
Until I arrive at the foot of my door,
Into the house with a turn of a key,
To a house that is home, but home only to me,
But no one’s to blame, except for yours true,
For he should have erased the feelings that drew,
Over his brain and into his mind,
Drawing conclusions of “one of a kind”,
And yet he persists, allows the next line,
To bring them together in space and in time,
Pre-written the end in all of the cases,
Differences being just in names and in faces,
For time and again, the story repeats,
Each heart breaking more with each of its beats,
As everything must, this process will die,
But the tears will not fall, for there’s none left to cry.


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