MEP’s: Wealthy, Vain and Accountable To No One

He took a long drag of his cigarette. Perched awkwardly on an exterior pub seat, his face hovering over the screen of his phone, he exhaled the smoke whilst stating “346 votes, can you see me? Can you find it?”

He repeated, “Yeah, I got 346 votes. It’s not bad.” Sucking on his cigarette again he quickly glanced at me.

He must have known I was watching, and listening, indeed the whole street could listen at the volume he was announcing his recent failure. Although he tried to remain upbeat, the disappointment in his voice and across his face was clear.

On the banks of the river Thames, not far from Gunnersbury station, I was sat watching, and listening to the scene unfolding before me.

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Is it Possible to be Heavily Tattooed and Still Have a Highly Paid Job in the Professional Workplace?

A conversation with my Girlfriend has inspired me to write this. What began as an off-the-cuff remark soon turned into a full blown debate. Those that know me would say that this is an inevitability. The topic of discussion was tattoos and whether they hinder ones chances of getting a highly paid job. My argument was that a heavily tattooed person would struggle to find a position that paid highly; my girlfriend disagreed. Heavily tattooed, in this case, was defined as one or more full sleeves, highly visible work and/or ink on the neck and/or hands and knuckles. Highly paid was defined as £65,000 a year, which is currently, just over double the UK national average salary for males. The figures for these have come from a Payscale report dated the 3rd of December this year.

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