Nuclear Ink

Tattoos, or rather tattoo studios, are like nuclear weapons. And before you think I have gone completely bat-shit crazy and joined the likes of Katie Hopkins in vilifying ink, allow me to explain.

Tattoo studios being like nuclear weapons is of course an analogy, just to make that clear to any conservative grandparents in case they were preparing to come rushing in to say: “I told you so”. It is not because tattoos are expensive, unnecessary, and once used their effects ruin your life, though this may be completely true for nuclear weapons, it is not for tattoos.

Neither is the comparison because of the concern parents would show if their kid were to come home with one. Though some mums and dads are shocked by Callum’s first piece of permanent artwork, this would be nothing compared to the heart attack they would suffer if Callum were to walk through the door cradling a ballistic missile with a two-ton nuclear warhead.

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Exposure Or Payment

I am eight months into this writing malarkey now and things are progressing steadily. With regular columns in the leading UK tattoo magazine, submissions to numerous other sites, and features on Psychology Today and The Guardian, the portfolio has both quality and quantity.

In the age of the internet, where anyone and everyone can let their voice be heard in a matter of minutes, the blogging and writing world is incredibly saturated. With so many people wanting to get their message out there, and with so much content being created on a daily basis, websites are spoiled for choice with what they can offer their readers. Admittedly a lot of the content is incredibly poor, but good content is available, and if you do not provide it, somebody else will.

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A Glimpse of the Future: Tattoos and Technology

In the May edition of Skin Deep, issue number 236, there was included an article entitled The Social Network. It looked at how technology, in particular social media, was influencing and affecting the culture of tattoos these days. I would like to explore the topic of tattoos and technology further, but approach it from a slightly different angle.

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Great British Tattoo Show 2014

That’s it. My virginity has gone. Taken from me like a cheeky Brightonian seagull stealing chips.

I have just returned from the Great British Tattoo Show, and not only has it left me with a bone-numbing weariness, it has provided much food for thought.

As I had never been to a tattoo convention before I did not know what to expect. I had heard stories from friends, seen photos online and read a few short pieces on the role that conventions play in the industry, but I was still completely naive about what was in store.

After speaking with Sion – the editor of Skin Deep – I decided that I would use these two days to mingle, network and seek inspiration for future articles.

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The Attraction Of Ink

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, or so they say, but what if there are definitive ways to make yourself more attractive. What if one of these methods was to get a tattoo. Effectively, what I am asking is, are people with tattoos more attractive than people without tattoos? This question may seem controversial but it is not entirely ridiculous.

The Harris Poll in January 2012 found that 30% of people with tattoos said that the ink made them “feel more sexy” and 21% said that it makes them feel “attractive or strong”. The results of this show us that half the people who get tattoos believe that by simply having a tattoo they have increased their attractiveness. This belief though, does not appear to be reflected by the thoughts of those without tattoos. 45% of those who have not been inked see tattoos as a turn-off rather than a turn-on, people with “tattoos are [considered] less attractive”.

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