Why I Am Against CCTV For Slaughterhouses

Update: 07/03/2015
Though I believe the words that I wrote are still valid, and that to talk of “animal welfare” whilst still discussing slaughterhouses is completely nonsensical, I have decided to change my stance on the issue highlighted below. After reading Peter Singer’s excellent Animal Liberation, and after thinking logically and pragmatically about the issue, I understand that though CCTVs are not the end point that I wish to see, they are a step in the right direction, no matter how small it may be. If we are able to introduce legislation, methods of practice, technological advances, that limit or decrease the suffering of animals, then we should do that. If we were to follow my argument and not introduce CCTV, then more animals would suffer needlessly. As I said, it is not the final conclusion on the issue of animal welfare, but it is progress towards the conclusion I wish to see. For that reason, I now support it.

Animal Aid, PETA and the RSPCA are just a few of the groups that are campaigning for CCTV to be mandatory in animal slaughterhouses in the UK. The obligatory e-petition has over 23,000 signatures, and the Facebook page has a similar number of followers. Being an advocate of animal rights, you would expect that I would support such a movement, but it is precisely because I am an advocate of animal rights, that I do not.

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