To The Streets

Though I like writing, learning, and reading, I am becoming more acutely aware that the more time I spend on these hobbies, the less time I have to do active and meaningful actions.

Though the writing allows me to formulate ideas and put my thoughts into words, and though it may even change a few perceptions and inspire people to think differently, it is ultimately an introverted and selfish act.

The commentators, the authors, and the writers, though they have the passion and skill that is able to inspire, without action this inspiration is futile. We can all hope and dream of a better world, but until someone actively works towards that world, a dream is all it will ever remain.

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Brighton and Hove Against Austerity

Brighton, forever the hotbed of activity, has a way of sweeping you up in some sort of action. And this is precisely what happened to me today.

Returning from a stroll into town where I was picking up some more pads of paper, I was greeted by a throng of people marching, whistling and calling. Of course, today was strike day, and Brighton and Hove were out in force.

I stopped and watched as the procession walked past, smiling and nodding approvingly, and was all set to head home, when the feeling struck me to just join in. So I did.

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