The UK National Debt: Why It’s A Problem And How To Tackle It

The UK national debt is a ball and chain around the ankle of our society currently. It is an unnecessary burden which will be passed on to future generations, and I believe that the time has come to put aside party politics aside and agree to a long-term plan of debt elimination.

The recent tweet by Conservative MP Daniel Kawczynski (see below), highlighted three things for me. Firstly, it demonstrated the sheer idiocy of some of our elected representatives; secondly it showed just how far the buck-passing, playground bickering blame-game has embedded itself in Westminster culture; and thirdly, and most importantly, it also showed the extent to which the UK is saddled with enormous debt.

Amongst the retweets and the laughing, it is easy to forget that the topic of the tweet is where the importance lies, not in the ill-judged tweet itself. The growing national debt is a serious issue and it needs addressing.

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Leave The House

It was Thomas Hobbes, in his book Leviathan, that declared without a state man is in a constant climate of struggle and fight. He called this the “state of nature” whereby it is a “war of all against all”. He makes a compelling argument for the coming together of all peoples, and the creation of a civil society and state. This society, and this state, was intended to protect men from a life that was otherwise “nasty, short and brutish”.

People were persuaded, coerced and sometimes forced to become members of the state because it was in their own interests. Who would want to face a life out in the wilderness, struggling to make ends meet? Under constant threat, with very little security? It seemed like an obvious decision to make. Lets step inside this “state”, lets live under its roof and lets prosper, together, as a society.

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Is It Worth It? Life As An Average UK Citizen

Life is similar to walking down a dark alley full of muggers. At the start you are unsure of where you are going and where you will end up, you just sort of walk blindly. As you continue down the alley you seem to lose more and more of your money, before coming out the other end, tired and dazed, and wondering where both your time and your money disappeared to.

I want to paint a picture of the average life of Joe Bloggs. I want to see if the life we are told to live, the life we are encouraged to live, is actually beneficial to us. Are we rewarded for our endeavours? Or are we simply caged in the modern life? Is it true what Palahniuk says that “the things you own end up owning you”? Personally, I am not convinced that buying into this society, and this way of life, is of benefit to people. In order to express my point, let us look at Joe.

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