Exposure Or Payment

I am eight months into this writing malarkey now and things are progressing steadily. With regular columns in the leading UK tattoo magazine, submissions to numerous other sites, and features on Psychology Today and The Guardian, the portfolio has both quality and quantity.

In the age of the internet, where anyone and everyone can let their voice be heard in a matter of minutes, the blogging and writing world is incredibly saturated. With so many people wanting to get their message out there, and with so much content being created on a daily basis, websites are spoiled for choice with what they can offer their readers. Admittedly a lot of the content is incredibly poor, but good content is available, and if you do not provide it, somebody else will.

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Access Over Ownership

Among the barrage of selfies, South Korean pop sensations and videos of women twerking, it is easy to forget just how wonderful an invention the internet is. The ways it has been abused and sabotaged should not detract from the fact that it has the potential to bring about incredible change and influence.

Since its inception the internet has grown at an astonishing rate and now almost three billion people have access to it. Despite the best authoritarian efforts of some states – and I include the US and the UK in here, as well as the likes of China and Turkey-  the internet has remained relatively free. My biggest concern is that the internet, and the online community that we are continually shaping, becomes nothing more than a cyber re-creation of our every day lives.

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