The Failure of British Democracy

Right. Enough is enough. I think that its about time I wrote my first political article. After all it is my main love in life, outside of football and tattoos. This article could have been written at any point over the last few months but after seeing that MP’s are set to have their wages rise by 11%, I felt it should not wait any longer. It is infuriating and deeply troubling to live in a society whereby we, the people, are so constantly ignored.

Democracy. What is it? The classic definition of democracy is based on the route of the word. Democracy comes from the Greek  “Demos”, meaning “People”, and “Kratos”, meaning “Power” or “Rule”. Effectively saying that a democracy should be the people ruling themselves. There are many variations of democracy,  each with different methods to allow the people to rule themselves. One of these methods is Representative Democracy, and it is what we have here in Britain.  Representative Democracy is where a representative is elected to speak on behalf of the people. The people sacrifice their voice, and their power, by handing it over to a person whom they have voted for. I believe that Representative Democracy is a poor method to run a country. I believe that this system makes it too easy to ignore the needs, and wants, of the population. And I believe that there are better alternatives to this system. Alternatives that give the power back to the people. I agree with John Dunn, when he writes in his book, Setting the People Free: The Story of Democracy, that “modern democracy … is principally the citizens very intermittently, choosing under highly constrained circumstances, the relatively small number of their fellows who will from then on choose for them”.

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