The Lives We Will Save – 2015

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Inspired by Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Savein the spirit of Do What You Can, and following the African philosophy of Ubuntu and the Muslim practice of Zakat, The Lives We Will Save is a collection of like-minded moral and ethical global citizens who are dedicated to saving lives through charitable donations.

Being employed, and living in a Western state puts us in the top 1% of people on this earth. What we need we have access to, what we desire we are able to reach, and what we require can be given or sold to us.
Never before in the history of this entire planet has anyone had the luxurious lifestyles that we find ourselves living.

Despite our privileged position however, we understand that there are many thousands of others in this world who are not so fortunate.
For far too many fellow humans, life is a daily struggle.

By giving a percentage of our monthly income to charities that are dedicated to saving lives, we are doing what so many in this world are not, and that is actively making a difference.

So many people, especially on “the left”, say that they care and promote equality and tolerance, and yet, as is so often the case, their actions speak louder than words. This group, and pledge, represents a form of putting our money where our mouths are. Not only will we encourage others to change lives, but we will practice what we preach.

Each month a percentage of our own pay packets will be donated to charities who have been proven to save lives. These charities represent those who achieve the most, those with the most impact, those who give the most bang for their buck.

As cynical as it may seem to be, it is correct to say that there is a hierarchy of charities. Though Amnesty International, and Cancer Research UK do fantastic work, it may take tens of thousands of pounds of donations in order for one more life to be saved, with that same amount of money a charity working to tackle malaria, for example, could save thousands of lives.

The value of a human’s life is the same no matter what they suffer from, no matter where they may live, and no matter of their sex, race, or religion. We wish to maximise the amount of human lives saved, and minimise suffering.

If you want to be a part of this movement you can take the pledge over at The Life You Can Save, or you can find and contact me on Facebook or Twitter.


In early 2014 I discovered Peter Singer’s movement and decided to take the pledge myself, despite being unemployed and surviving on benefits at the time.
Throughout the year I pledged to donate 3% of whatever I earned.

In the 12 months of 2014 I was able to donate £288.02 (as well as GiftAid) to a wide number of charities.
Human Care Syria, Medical Aid for Palestine, Oxfam, WaterAid, The Against Malaria Foundation, Evidence Action, and many more were the beneficiaries.

In 2015 I have taken my pledge a step further by recruiting others to the cause.
Together we are set to make an even bigger impact.

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