Investment Puts Side Back On Road To Success

After a turbulent few seasons Hendy football club is well on its way to recovery. A steady transformation has been occurring lately, helped in no small part by an influx of fresh young talent, rejuvenating an aging side. Under the coaching of David Redfern, an FA level two coach, and with access to a £144,000 multi use games area (MUGA), Hendy are benefitting from arguably the best facilities in the division. The MUGA provides the team with state of the art facilities allowing them to train in all weathers. Hendy club captain Andrew ‘Cruncher’ Pritchard, who has been playing for the team since he was three, spoke proudly about the club and his involvement, stating “if there is no Hendy I don’t play football”. Under his leadership, and Alan ‘Scouse’ Blackley’s management, Hendy have performed well this season, pushing for a second place finish. Blackley said that Hendy meant “everything” to him and that the club is at “the heart of the community”. The future looks bright for the club and its players, and if the recovery continues Hendy may well find themselves challenging for silverware in the coming seasons.

Hendy FC



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